It has always been there. ..in the background.  An integral, yet (sometimes) small, part of life.  Whether it was a cup of stiff black stuff given to a small boy in hopes his asthma attack would subside or brewed up in a pan around a campfire and shared with good friends – coffee has always been there.

Aquila Coffee Works came from these experiences and the passion they ignited.  These humble beginnings are the bedrock of what we are all about; great coffee should be accessible.  Our roasts are born out of patience and attention to detail.  We avoid automated roast profiling, putting our faith in the human elements of patience, sight, and smell; coaxing the perfect flavor from each and every bean.

By sourcing the best beans, roasting small batches with care, and providing you with the knowledge to brew the perfect cup at home, we know that our coffee will be part of all your integral (big and small) moments.