KENYA – Nyeri – Othaya Coop – Washed Process (12oz-48-oz)


2100 Meters Above Sea Level
Cultivars:  SL-28, SL-34 Ruiru-11
Grade:  AA
Processing Method:  Wet Processed
Region:  Nyeri

Tasting Notes:  Orange, Cherry, Cranberry, Chocolate

Our Take:  Here is what happened with this coffee.  We went in search of a nice Kenyan to help us create an upcoming blend (soon to come) but something unexpected happened as well.  We uncovered an incredible 90+ Kenyan  with an outstanding ability to bring a juicy, candy-like citrus and brightness to a cup.  This coffee has a serious backbone, and lends itself well to a variety of roast levels.  It was a bit of a shock to be honest.  That said, we are definitely using this in our upcoming blend but we wanted to highlight it on its very own as well.  It wasn’t long ago that we featured a great Kenyan coffee but hey, if you strike gold, you better run with it before its gone.  So, go ahead and grab a bag of this liquid gold.  If you are like me, your first sip will bring a bit of sunshine to your wintertime darkness.


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Weight 55 oz
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Kenya-Nyeri-Othaya Coop

12oz, 48oz


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