Rwanda – Ibisi Mountain – Gitega Hills – Wet Processed (12oz-48oz)


Altitude:  1900+ Meters Above Sea Level
Cultivars:  Bourbon
Processing Method:  Wet Processed
Region:  Ibisi Mountain

Tasting Notes:  Honey, Lemon, Peach Tea, Dried Aporicot

Our Take:  Rwanda at its FINEST!!!  This coffee is all Bourbon varietal and it shines in the cup with  endless sweetness, big spices, aromatic florals, and fruit like complexity.  Having just arrived, this particular lot is VERY fresh and boasts huge flavor characteristics.  As we are deep into winter now, (and possibly suffering from a bit of subconscious winter doldrums) we immediately noticed this coffee brought about a sense of happiness, and energized us at the cupping table.  Looking around the room at first taste, we all started to notice that everyone smiled when the first slurps hit our pallets.  It was bizarre how this one coffee had such an impact on everyone tasting it.  This coffee…this one little coffee is powerful and uplifting.  It may sound corny, but so be it.  I can live with that because I am confident that once you experience this for yourself, you will feel it too.


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Rwanda-Ibisi Mountain-Gitega Hills

12oz, 48oz


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