Sumatra – Atu Lintang – Gayo – WASHED Process – (12oz-48oz)


Altitude: 1200+ MASL
Varietal:  Ateng
Tasting Notes: Berries, Earth, Apple, Cocoa
Processing Method:  WASHED PROCESS
Region: Atu Lintang, Gayo

Our Take:  NOT YOUR TYPICAL SUMATRAN COFFEE!!!  Which is exactly why we picked this one.  This coffee is a washed process (as opposed to wet-hulled) much the same way that coffees in Central America and other parts of the world are washed and dried.  It’s that very reason we picked this coffee.  It is an amazing blend of Sumatran varietals, with a completely non-typical processing method.  Well, the results are simply fantastic.  You see, the process for coffees from the Atu Lintang area of Sumatra is almost always wet-hulled, called Giling Basah.  This wet-hulling process leads to the typical dark green Sumatra coffee we all know.  With wet-hulling, the parchment is removed with a mechanical separator before (as opposed to after, in most coffee regions) the coffee is fully dried.  Whether you love it or hate it, there are several things to understand about Sumatran coffees, and the wet-hulling process that gives a typical Sumatran coffee its distinct flavor.  1; The coffee has been pulped, bagged for sale, and transported in its wet parchment to be sold and processed which causes the seed to swell, and become soft.  2; the wet-hulling process creates a fair amount of heat that transfers to the seed, but also the seed is often slightly damaged by the wet-hulling machine.  3; Once the seeds are hulled, they are laid out to dry, but now that the parchment is gone, there is nothing protecting the drying seeds from insects, dirt, or other environmental influences.  This is why we often see insect damage, processing damage, and uneven drying.  All that said, a good wet-hulled coffee is still a damn good coffee and we love them too.  Wet-hulled Sumatran coffees are easier to come by and can be somewhat predictable.  This particular coffee we are releasing, highlights a true Sumatran coffee, only wet processed.  Believe me, the wet process changes the game by a mile and we LOVED it.  If you love a good Sumatran coffee, then you must try this as it represents a whole new take on things.  If you dislike Sumatran coffee, you absolutely should try this one.  I can just about guarantee it will show a whole new side of how process has such an incredible impact on coffee.


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Weight 52 oz
Dimensions N/A
Sumatra-Atu Lintang-Gayo

12oz, 48oz


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